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Client Testimonials 



So I have now watched the video around 6 times and I am still at a loss for words. We laughed, cried and felt so much absolute joy watching all the beautiful moments you captured. Every single detail, every song, every moment was truly perfect. I could feel every bit of emotion and love in that video and I don’t think I could ever thank you enough for giving us something so priceless and truly special. Thank you for loving the work you do because it is so apparent in the stunning videos you produce. Our wedding went by faster than I could have imagined and to be able to watch it all over again and see all the little moments we means the absolute word to us. You pieced it together so beautifully. The songs went so well with each moment. The shots were just breathtaking. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You and Stephanie were just so fantastic to work with. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to have you there. You are both such kind of wonderful souls and your positive energy was so appreciated in my times of worry. Thank you for giving us forever memories and for making our day as perfect as it was. Needless to say there is not a single thing I would change in the video! 

- a very emotional Melissa ♥️

Wow just wow…. Where do I begin. Marybeth and her team are the real deal. They were incredible. Their attention to every detail and professionalism is beyond anything I have ever seen or expected. They felt more like a friend or family than a vendor we were paying for a service. They met every need and question very promptly. The video was impeccable and well-thought-out. We all are still crying over the video it was perfect. The creativity of MB and her team is one for the books. Not one moment was left out. The teamwork seamlessly together with the other wedding vendors to make our wedding a fairy tale. I cannot thank Marybeth for going above and beyond for us, you are the main reason as to why the day was perfect. Not one problem or thing missed. To you, we are forever grateful. We would pick your company again and again. The price point for this service was beyond fair for the unbelievable service and quality you receive. Every single one of our 83 guests said it was the best wedding they have ever been to and thanks to you it is all documented to look back on years to come. We cannot express our abundant gratitude to you and your team. You are all so gifted and blessed with talents of videography and creativity.

"Marybeth and her daughter Stephanie were absolutely amazing from start to finish as the videographers for our wedding! They were very warm, friendly, and informative, and we were super comfortable with them the whole day. They went above and beyond the entire weekend by coming to the rehearsal to check the chapel out, setting aside extra time to do additional voice-over recordings of us reading the letters we wrote to each other, staying late to do sparkler shoots, and literally fulfilling every request we had - including a mid-day boat ride for extra footage. They made us laugh and were literally as excited as we were to capture all of our special moments. When it came to the final video we were BLOWN away! They edited it fast and their song selections were perfect (with very little help or assistance from us with making song suggestions because we were clueless!). They caught the scenery, venues, people, intricate details, and most importantly the emotions and essence of the wedding absolutely perfectly! They were also SUPER easy to work with for making little tweaks and changes to the final video. I love that they give you input on the final product!! Plus you get all of the raw footage! :) I literally can not say enough good things about Video Network! I would highly recommend them to anyone and could not be happier that we moved things around in our budget to splurge on them!!!" 

-Kate, Bride

    Stephanie and Marybeth are AMAZING to work with and their work is even better. I promise you won't be disappointed. Check out their website for some examples (I did when searching). Not only will you get fast responses from them, they are professional and funny during the process. They really make you feel comfortable during the whole process. My husband and I had such an amazing experience with them.

"I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have the video, that Marybeth provided me with of my wedding. I did not know before my wedding of how much I would value this. I myself am a photographer so I of course appreciated my photos but the video provided a whole different feeling of the wedding. The actual wedding was a whole blur to me so to have the chance to sit down and see the video was an amazing moment, to be able to relive the day. I even got my husband to watch the video and, he would kill me if he knew that I wrote this, but he had to leave the room for a minute to compose himself! It truly is a gift and I will forever appreciate that I have the DVD. Marybeth herself was amazing to work with, she made me feel very comfortable and was a pleasure to have around. I honestly did not know she was there, she is very unobtrusive and I did not realize all the footage she got until after the wedding when I was able to see it. This was one of the best decisions I made, and Marybeth was absolutely the right choice!"

-Megan, Bride

"As mother of the bride and wedding coordinator, I felt, at the end of the wedding/reception, like I had missed something. There were the introductions, photos, dinner, photos, cake cutting, photos, dancing, photos and photos! (you get the point). Then there was Marybeth! When we received our video...I cried watching it! She caught so many details! It was like arriving to the wedding and watching it for the first time. Our luxury is we get to watch it over and over and over again! Details? She stopped at the entrance of the venue and captured the Congratulations to Jessica & Eric sign. She walked you through the venue, before and during the wedding and the reception. She filmed and beautifully captured, the result of hours and hours of creating the centerpieces, the favors, the photo booth, the grandparents ladder, the seating chart, other decorations used, chalkboards, the table settings, etc. We were able to watch the ‘reveal’ and the looks on their faces when they saw each other for the first time. While we were watching their vows from behind (my daughter and now son in law were in a raised gazebo), Marybeth was on the other side of the gazebo and catching their vows from the front! She did everything so non-evasively! She caught shots that I can't say “I saw her there”. She arrived early and was dressed very professionally. I only mention this in particular because I believe that was the reason she was able to move around so easily and not ‘stand out’ to capture some of the shots that she did. I cannot say the same for the photographers we hired. That’s another post! ☹ My final praise of Marybeth…we received the video just 2 weeks after the wedding! We did not expect it till later in the summer! ALL of us (the kids and their parents) LOVE the video and would recommend her emphatically! She is PHENOMENAL, you will not be disappointed! Thank you, Marybeth!"

-Shelly, Mother of the Bride

We had a unilaterally wonderful experience working with Marybeth and Stephanie. They were 100 % responsive to our specific needs, enthusiastic about the idiosyncrasies of our event, kind and fun and so pleasant to work with throughout the entire process - before, during and after. The finished videos are gorgeous, and reflective of their acute attention to detail. So many priceless moments captured, and presented in a way that was entirely respectful of our wishes, while also achieving an overall quality that exceeded anything we could have imagined and specifically requested. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

The dynamic duo then met at my venue and the clouds cleared from the previously 100% chance of rain day, and we did the first look; both ladies on either side of the reaction. I am SO happy we had video because they were able to catch the details that I couldn't even attempt to think of during a hectic day! The day progressed and I started to realize how important it is to have video and how unobtrusive they really are. As I thought of the things I truly "saw" during my ceremony, Marybeth and Stephanie were not one of those items--WHICH IS FABULOUS!!; because it shows how professional and respectful they are to the event without ever getting in the way of the action. Their drone flew over the formal picture session in the vineyard and I couldn't help but smile in anticipation of the BEAUTIFUL video to come. 

Jennifer, Bride 

"My wife and I (ok, it was all me) wondered if we really wanted a videographer to shoot our wedding.  We met the same old, same old video vendors at all the bridal shows and not one changed my opinion until we came across Marybeth at the Fairgrounds bridal show.  When we told her the location of the wedding, she pulled up shots she had done for a recent wedding and the look of the church was absolutely gorgeous.  I was impressed with how she focused on the groom’s reaction when he saw his bride for the 1st time walking down the aisle.  Believe me; other vendors mocked the idea of shooting that particular shot when I specifically asked them about their ‘vision’.  We watched video clips she had available and scheduled a follow-up at her studio.  She showed us a video she had recently shot and we were convinced that Video Network was the videographer for us.  She captured all the elements we wanted in our video.  She asked for any elements we definitely wanted her to depict and listened to our needs and wants. Marybeth did the pre-wedding shots of my bride getting ready.  She and her assistant arrived at the church in plenty of time, introduced themselves and began to set up.  At the off-site reception, Marybeth set up and began to shoot the interior before the guests arrived and continued until the last song was played.  Never once did she intrude on us or our guests, especially when the dancing began. When we returned from the honeymoon, she had a copy ready and wanted us to give her any changes needed to be made.  We asked for a few additional shots and a change to some music.  We received the finished copies complete with wedding pictures on the DVD front and back covers.  Marybeth was extremely easy to work with and more importantly easy to contact.  Her pricing is higher than others in the area, but after repeated viewings, it was definitely worth the money.  Marybeth, you did a first-rate job and a big thank you for giving us memories to last a lifetime."

-Ed, Groom

"Steph and her crew with Video Network Inc are amazing! Our video came out awesome. We laughed, cried and danced while we watched it. Captured every moment perfectly! So professional, accommodating, helpful and easy to work with! I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for the best value for their money for a videographer in the Central New York Area!!! "

Cait and I went back and forth for weeks about whether or not to hire a videographer for our wedding or not. Wow, am I happy that we decided to hire one and choose Video Network Inc. Stephanie and her crew perfectly captured our entire wedding day and compiled it into an AMAZING 17-minute video for us to have for the rest of our lives. We are so obsessed with our video that I can honestly say that we have probably watched it over 100 times since we got the video back from Stephanie. We have received so many amazing comments about Stephanie from the wedding, and then when we got the video back and our guests were even more amazed. Some friends who were unable to attend the wedding even commented on how the video made them feel like they were right there with us on the wedding day. For anyone who is on the fence about getting a wedding videographer, I would 100 times tell you to spend the money and do it!! But I would also 1000 times recommend you book it with Video Network Inc. Stephanie truly created a masterpiece from our wedding day and it is something that I will cherish forever!

Kacie, Bride 

Video Network did an incredible job of capturing our wedding day. Marybeth and Steph are friendly, accommodating, and have great ideas for the video. Having a videographer for your wedding is a must! We absolutely love the finished product they put together for us. I highly recommend them for everyone's wedding day. 


-Valerie, bride. 

"Mary Beth at Video Network went above and beyond a videographer for us. She was truly a joy to work with and brought such a creative touch to our wedding day. I never noticed them filming during the ceremony or reception which was nice with everything else going on. The finished product brought tears to both my & my husband's eyes. Video Network managed to capture moments that flew by during the actual day, and now we will have these moments to cherish for the rest of our lives. I can honestly say that without Mary Beth & Video Networks' guidance, creativity and professionalism throughout the wedding process our wedding day would not have been the same. We couldn't be happier with our wedding video-- we highly highly recommend Video Network for other couples!"

-K, Bride

Thank you so much to all of our amazing couples and families for your beautiful words!  We loved being part of your special day!




Stephanie + Marybeth 

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